Zaytoven And Big Trill Collaborate To Launch A New Label

Zaytoven And Big Trill Collaborate To Launch A New Label

Together with music industry executive Big Trill, Zaytoven has just announced the formation of his very own record label, ZTP, and they are appealing to all creatives.

Zaytoven made the announcement on his Instagram account on Tuesday (December 20) by posting a picture of himself and Trill posing for the camera. Zay shared the name of his new label and his strategy for growing the business in his post.

“We are Blessed to announce that ‘ZTP’ The Label is official,” Zaytoven captioned his post. “Me and @therealbigtrill are officially a label. We are SIGNING artist, producers, song writers, DJs, all brands. we are looking for a real team a solid team. Searching for all talent in every city, every state, every town!!!! Let’s get to work.”

There is no more information available about the label or any existing artist signings.

Zaytoven, one of several producers with their own record labels, has Zaytoven Global, LLC under his belt in addition to this one. Hit-Boy with Hits Since 87, Metro Boomin with Boominati Worldwide, and other beatmakers have their own imprints.

While working with Zay in the studio, one artist experienced an emotional moment. Chief Keef acknowledged in January that he cried while recording “Ain’t Gonna Happen” for their joint album GloToven, which was released in March 2019. He chose to utilize laughter instead of the sound of him crying in the studio because he does it every time he cries.

“Fun fact: on front of ain’t gonna happen a young n-gga was cryin thinking about them members but every time I cry I laugh so I ended up laughing and taking the crying out the front you only hear it on intro by the time I got to laughin,” Keef wrote on Twitter.

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