Young Black Designers Wanted To Join Tyler The Creator’s Le Fleur

Young Black Designers Wanted To Join Tyler The Creator's Le Fleur

Tyler, the Creator is seeking young, black creatives to join the team as he looks to grow his expansive Le FLEUR* brand.

Tyler jumped on Twitter last week to alert all black creatives searching for a chance to help establish a brand. The rapper has been working hard on his high-end lifestyle brand, and more it grows, the more aid he’ll need.

Tyler claims that he is seeking all types of creatives, including designers and tailors, and that he is only interested in those who take their jobs seriously.

“Where are the young black: tailors, seamstresses, product developers, technical designers, pattern makers, designers,” Tyler tweeted. “Send resume to: [email protected] :don’t send bullshit, no music, no wack ass graphics, no headshots, no fan art, straight to trash, serious inquiries only. if your email has nothing to do with clothing, going straight to trash don’t waste our time please.”

In 2016, a Golf Wang fashion show in Los Angeles, California, featured Tyler’s Le FLEUR* brand. It first worked on a shoe project with Converse before branching out into other categories including clothing and accessories.

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