Yah Sin Shares His Journey from Stapleton to Queens and the Hip-Hop Scene.

Yah Sin talks growing up in Stapleton Projects, creating music in spanish & working with Ghostface

Yah Sin, a rapper hailing from Stapleton Projects in Staten Island, New York, sat down for an interview on The Real Gully Tv to discuss his background, musical journey, and connections within the hip-hop industry, especially his ties to Wu-Tang Clan members.

Yah grew up in a unique environment, with both of his parents being part of what was known as the “super predator group.” This led to him being treated like a “prince” in his neighborhood. He moved from Stapleton to Queens at around age 8 after his family’s home was raided. Initially, Yah did not aspire to be a rapper but was always a talented writer. He began to take rapping seriously at around 18.

He has a close relationship with Shahim, a former child star who is like an older brother to him. Yah is favored by Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan and recently collaborated with him on a track called “Bikini Wax.” He talks about the significant influence of Wu-Tang Clan on fashion and culture, particularly in New York City.

Yah has also experimented with Spanish music, drawing on his Hispanic heritage (his mother is from Honduras). His appearance on the Sway in the Morning radio show was a notable milestone in his career. Yah discusses his latest album, “Serious Sin,” describing it as a return to focusing on himself as an artist. He encourages listeners to check out his music on all digital platforms and follow him on Instagram.