Latto And GloRilla Release “Fuck The Club Up” Video

Latto And GloRilla Release "Fuck The Club Up" Video

The visual for Latto and GloRilla’s most recent collaboration, “FTCU,” which is thought to be the lead-in to Latto’s upcoming third album, has just been published.

The music video, which was directed by Atlanta-based artist maliaSHUTup, picks up where the teaser trailer from last Thursday (December 1) left off, with Latto and GloRilla planning a night out and entering a strip club to discover cases of $1 bills waiting for them.

The two upcoming artists perform while having fun and use the phrase “Fuck the club up,” which is repeated in the hook, in both literal and figurative senses in their bars.

Latto begins the song by telling adversaries that she has no problem interrupting the party to address them after Gangsta Boo’s intro, which he also contributes to the hook and the first verse.

Start a bottle war, these bitches barely keepin’ up,” she raps. “Muggin’ like they want some smoke, but they ain’t deep enough / Young, ratchet, rich, and I’m rude as fuck, these bitches know what’s up.

GloRilla picks up the baton with the same passion and makes it known that she’s about her business first after taking the place of her Atlanta companion on the hook alongside her Memphis O.G.

“I can’t walk up in the club if I ain’t get that backend,” Big Glo announces. “They was at the club on live, we caught them bitches lackin’ /Eleven deep up in his booth, we posted like, ‘What’s happenin’?’ / I pray to God a ho don’t run up, all my bitches jackin’

Gangsta Boo recently praised Latto on Drink Champs even though she wasn’t in the “F.T.C.U.” video. On Saturday, she reposted the video on Twitter (December 3)

“I love Latto,” she said. “I fuck with her because she was one of the first females that… Well, I don’t like to say the first, but that caught my attention. And it was Fat Joe on his… is it a podcast that Fat Joe do? He was asking what’s her inspos and she was naming shit. And she was like Trina and she said, ‘And Gangsta Boo.’

“She was one of them ones,” the Queen of Memphis continued. “When people ask [artists] who’s they inspos, especially female artists, they never say my name. Never. But they whole entire cadence… They buy beats from Juicy J, but say they inspired by Lil’ Kim. It’s very interesting.”

The first time GloRilla and Latto collaborated was on JT-assisted remix of Glo’s smash hit tune “F.N.F.”

This year, the pair have been unstoppable. In March, Latto released her second studio album, 777, which debuted on the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums charts at Nos. 8 and 15, respectively. With “Big Energy,” Latto also scored one of the top three spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and Mariah Carey appeared on the remix, which was released soon after the album.

GloRilla saw her value soar after making her debut with “F.N.F.” this past summer thanks to a Cardi-B appearance on the smash track “Tomorrow 2,” which was released in September. Additionally, Big Glo recently published her first EP, Anyways, Life’s Great.

This year, GloRilla and Latto received their first Grammy nominations. For her smash hit “F.N.F (Let’s Go),” Glo is competing for Best Rap Performance, while Latto is up for Best Melodic Rap Performance for her song “Big Energy (Live).”

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