Fredo Creates The Scene For A Massive 2023 With A Luxurious “Dave Flow” Visual Fredo

With A Luxurious "Dave Flow" Visual Fredo Creates The Scene For A Massive 2023

Rapper Fredo from West London is following up his “I’m Back” prologue, which he released in November, with a new song and some appropriately lavish new visuals.

The video for “Dave Flow,” which was just released, was shot solely in the most expensive places (see: Dubai).

For fans, Fredo and Dave’s friendship has paid off with hits like “Funky Friday,” “Money Talks,” “All I Ever Wanted,” “In the Fire,” and many others. That’s obviously not lost on either of them, and this latest one gives their continuing friendship another touching depth by having Fredo name a song after him and his knack for language.

“Dave Flow,” which was directed by Toxic TV, is all about celebration, but it’s not simply baller excess. We see scenes of Fredo playing the piano, just like his old friend Santan, in between pictures of him being framed by wealthy skylines. We also get a brief glimpse of them jamming together in a suitably opulent mansion.

The scene could absolutely use a new drop from Fredo, who seems to be preparing to launch a major project soon. Play the “Dave Flow” video below for the time being, and make sure to add it to your playlists.

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