While Golfing In The Bahamas, DJ Khaled Nearly Crashes Golf Cart

While Golfing In The Bahamas, DJ Khaled Nearly Crashes Golf Cart

While playing golf in the Bahamas, DJ Khaled came dangerously close to crashing his golf cart, but he wasn’t about to let that stop him.

The executive of We The Best recently played a round of golf while on vacation with his family on a Caribbean island. Khaled posted videos of the game on Instagram as he navigated the course; however, he had a minor accident with his cart.

Khaled was driving while stuck in some sand in the video that was posted online. The God Did Hitmaker reversed into another sand mound after someone arrived to assist with pushing the cart out, then pulled away and nearly crashed again.

But that didn’t stop Khaled from putting his error behind him and giving one of his well-known inspirational speeches.

“In life there’s roadblocks. “Don’t let nothing stop you, cause we ain’t stopping; we gonna keep going,” he said into the camera after parking next to another golf cart he almost hit.


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