Travis & Elzzz, A Dublin-Based Rap Duo, Make Their Mark With Their Debut Mixtape “Full Circle”

Travis & Elzzz, A Dublin-Based Rap Duo, Make Their Mark With Their Debut Mixtape "Full Circle"

Rappers Travis and Elzzz from Dublin have finally released their debut mixtape, Full Circle, after months of anticipation.

The eight-track project, which was entirely produced by longtime partner Liam Harris, features the rappers reflecting on their career to date, from freestyling together in a basement to revolutionizing the music industry with their unmistakable chemistry on wax. Full Circle immerses us deep in the world of the duo; during the course of the nearly 20-minute presentation, we learn how two outsiders overcame obstacles while also making room for others to follow their own paths.

Watch The Music Video Below:

The lead track from the mixtape, “F**k Off,” wonderfully captures the theme of the album as the two artists make it very apparent that they are aware of their value and would never accept anything less. A truly compelling listen from beginning to end is achieved by combining Lacing Harris’ fascinating production, the vocal balancing act between Travis and Elzz, and the track’s distinctive cadences.

Travis & Elzzz are youthful pioneers in Dublin’s developing creative community, and through the Gliders movement—a collective and clothing line—which had followers traipsing around Dublin City Center to obtain a highly sought-after “G-Suit,” their contributions went beyond only music. Full Circle serves as both a reminder of how far the two have gone and a warning to listeners about how far they will inevitably travel.

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