The Weeknd Releases “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)” As A New Song

The Weeknd Releases "Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)" As A New Song

A new song by The Weeknd called “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)” has been released. It is heard during the closing credits of the currently playing movie Avatar: The Way of Water.

The Weeknd wears his scars like badges of honor on the album’s lead single, which was co-produced by Swedish House Mafia and Simon Franglen. He defends the memory of loved ones who have passed away until his last breath.

“The scars and the wounds / I wear them proud like tattoos / Reminds me that I lost you / Reminds me that I’ll be living this life so patient / Until I see you again, it’s war we’re facing / I know that if I died, my only choice is still defending,” The Weeknd admirably sings.

On the Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), which is currently accessible via streaming sites, the song “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)” may be heard. The Songcord,” a song by actress Zoe Saldaa, is another addition to the soundtrack.

The Weeknd’s song “Creepin'” recently had a very significant impact on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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