The First Rhyme 50 Cent Ever Rapped Is Recited By Tony Yayo

The First Rhyme 50 Cent Ever Rapped Is Recited By Tony Yayo

The first poem that 50 Cent ever rapped in his career has been discussed by Tony Yayo, who also performed it under his direction.

Yayo read the first lyrics of the song 50 spat so many years ago during the most recent portion of his interview with VladTV. They were gathered in a common friend’s basement, said Tony Yayo, when 50 Cent broke out the rhyme and demonstrated his considerable talent.

“The sale went stale / Quarter mil bail / Fresh out the jail / Shit is really real / N-ggas is locked up man I pray they don’t tell / 100 man indictment my lawyer got to fight this / N-ggas know I ain’t never pressed for dough,” Yayo rapped. “N-ggas know I don’t serve nobody I don’t know / Son said he was from OT / Sold 11 to Oz / His man brought him to me but he ain’t really know, b / Said it was hot, Duke was a cop.”

They were all heavily involved in hustling at the time, according to Yayo, and whenever the police showed up, they would go to their friend’s basement to hide and perform some freestyles. He continued by saying the rhyme was the one that proved 50 was getting better by the second.

Vlad said that it was amazing that 50 had such an effect considering he initially had little interest in being a rapper, to which Yayo retorted that becoming a rapper is not everyone’s goal.

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