The “Age/Sex/Location” Tour Will Be Ari Lennox’s Last, She Says

The "Age/Sex/Location" Tour Will Be Ari Lennox's Last, She Says

Ari Lennox made the announcement that her forthcoming tour will be her last on Thursday.

“Age, Sex, Location will be my last tour,” Lennox wrote on Twitter. “I love my genuine fans so much and can’t wait to give you my all every night!”

The age/sex/location tour’s European leg will not take place “due to issues out of my control,” the singer of “Pressure” added.

Age/Sex/Location, Ari’s second studio album, was released in September. J. Cole, the creator of Dreamville, released a text message he received from Lennox in answer to his inquiry about what age, sex, and location mean to her before the song’s release. He wrote on Instagram, “I needed to know cuz I fuck with it so heavy,” he explained in an Instagram post. “What I hear is the highs, lows, joys and pains of dating life in 2022. But her answer made it even deeper for me.”

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