The 21st Most Popular Artist On Spotify Is 21 Savage

The 21st Most Popular Artist On Spotify Is 21 Savage

The double-digit number in 21 Savage’s stage name appeals to him, and a recent Spotify list has given him even more justification for doing so.

21 Savage is the 21st most popular artist in the world on Spotify, according to a tweet from Daily Loud on Tuesday (January 3). Her Loss, his most recent album with Drake, may have helped with that because of its phenomenal success on the site.

Her Loss has received over one billion Spotify streams since its debut on November 4, according to a report released by Spotify last month. With this accomplishment, 21 Savage received his third No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart and became the first artist to have an album receive one billion streams on the service.

Even farther behind 21’s success on Spotify is his 2017 joint single with Post Malone, “Rockstar.” According to Spotify Data, the song had received more than 2 billion streams as of September 2020.

The Atlanta native tweeted last week that he hopes to live long enough to see the year 2121, demonstrating his passion of the number 21. The rapper Savage Mode II posted on Twitter on New Year’s Eve (December 31) to inform followers that he hopes to still be alive in 98 years.

“I Just Want To Be Alive For 2121 Somebody Freeze Me Right Quick,” he wrote.

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