Talented Toronto singer Chxrry22 just dropped her debut EP, The Other Side

Talented Toronto singer Chxrry22 just dropped her debut EP The Other Side

Chxrry22, whose name is pronounced “Cherry 22,” is the newest artist to sign with The Weeknd’s record label XO. Her first album has seven songs with a combined length of almost 20 minutes.

On her brand-new EP, The Other Side, the singer Chxrry22shares the poignant tale of missing a former love. The emotional R&B song, which is now available, spans seven songs and 20 minutes, charting the singer’s desire for past love and her determination to put herself first.

According to a press release by Chxrry22, “The OtherSide is about coming to grips with duality-we all have two sides.” In certain stories, we may play both the bad guy and the victim, and this is me embracing that.

The Other Side has the songs “Alone,” “Wasteland,” “Doit Again,” “Call Me,” “The Falls,” “Us,” and “The OtherSide,” which explore themes of inner struggles, dualism, and nostalgia for past loves.

Although Atlanta-based producer Childish Major shares-producing honors on the song “Wasteland,” the majority of the production is done by the label’s ownSensei Bueno.

Chxrry22 crafts a complex narrative experience with the EP’s use of beautiful harmonies and soothing rhythms. A fresh spin on traditional R&B can be heard in the song”The Other Side,” which has harp music playing in the background and rhythmic rhythms. The singer continually draws on her own experiences and incorporates them into her songs, giving her music a vulnerable quality.

The Weeknd posted on his Instagram about the EP to show his support for the musician.

Chxrry22, an immigrant from Ethiopia, began recording music in 2017 and later relocated to Atlanta to continue her career. She released “The Falls,” the first song from the Other Side, in April.

“I don’t write about anything I haven’t done or gone through so when you hear these songs just know it’s coming from my heart,” Chxrry22 said in a post on Instagram last week. “Right or wrong, I’m going to stand on my s—,” she said.

On the seven-track album, Chxrry22 takes listeners on a personal journey that includes overcoming her flaws(“Alone”), dealing with the fallout from a relationship(“The Other Side”), and yearning for love (“Do it again”).

“I don’t write about anything I haven’t experienced or done, so you can be sure that when you hear these songs, they are coming from the bottom of my heart. Right or wrong, I’m going to stick by my words, Chxrry22 stated in a post on Instagram.

With The Other Side, Chxrry22 makes a strong first impression. Her narrative lyrics, which seem like pages from her journal, are complemented by the production and her beautiful voice.

The singer prioritizes her job and her relationships since she is a new voice in R&B. The singer, who was born in Toronto, received recognition after posting her songs online in 2017 and moved her career to Atlanta, where she initially began recording. Chxrry is now signed to XOand Republic Records and is just getting started in the music industry. Make it your priority to listen to The Other Side today!

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