SZA Says She Will Take A Long Break After “SOS” Is Released

SZA Says She Will Take A Long Break After "SOS" Is Released

SZA stated that after the release of her newest album SOS, she intends to temporarily “disappear.”

The TDE singer-songwriter hinted that she would make fans wait as long for a follow-up to the new album as they did after CTRL arrived in 2017. This was in a cover feature with Consequence. When questioned about her post-SOS intentions, she answered, “I’m going to disappear, sure, for as long as I can. “I need to record as many videos as I can so I can vanish for a longer period of time,”

Although it’s unclear how long SZA would “disappear,” the album SOS, which clocks in at little under 68 minutes and features 23 tracks, offered listeners something to enjoy in the interim.

SZA addressed how she doesn’t feel comfortable being labeled as an R&B artist. “I’m so tired of being pegged as [an] R&B artist,” she explained. “I feel like that’s super disrespectful, because people are just like, ‘Oh, ‘cause you’re Black, this is what you have to be – like, put in a box. And I hate that. With songs on this album, it’s supposed to help round out the picture and the story.”

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