Symba Plays Unreleased N.O.R.E. Music After “Favorite Artist” Praise

Symba Plays Unreleased N.O.R.E. Music After "Favorite Artist" Praise

The bond between Symba and N.O.R.E. has developed to the point that the Bay Area native is now willing to share some of his unheard music with the podcast host.

Last weekend while they were hanging out in Oakland, Symba invited N.O.R.E. into his car for a little listening session. The LeFrak City native is seen smoking a joint in the video while the new Symba song’s opening plays. Right before the “GOAT” rapper began his verse, both men nod their heads.

“Last night my girl went through my iPhone/ She was talking shit to some bitch I had my eyes on/ Found out I fucked her in the car right after Carbone,” Symba raps. “But she knows she can’t leave me cause she’ll do worse if she moves on/ My group looks like a group home.

He continued: “A bunch of Winnie Harlows running around these bitches two-tone/ Twerking on the Live inside the pool no bathing suit on/ I come from the trenches, but now I’m in Hawaii with bitch and all my n-ggas this shit is one hell of a feeling.”

Symba is N.O.R.E’s favorite musician in the industry right now, and his response to the unreleased single supported that claim. N.O.R.E. was seen on further video from their hangout congratulating the 23-year-old and applauding him for challenging Funk Flex in September 2022.

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