Stephon Marbury Launches The First Ever Chamelo Eyewear Featuring Instant Color-Changing Sunglasses.

NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury is exploring a new venture with the launch of Chamelo Eyewear, known for its innovative color-changing sunglasses, according to a press release.

These sunglasses feature lenses that can instantly change tint and color, adapting to various environments on the spot.

“The eyewear industry has relied on outdated technology, and smart eyewear often deters consumers due to impractical designs and a lack of useful features,” stated Reid Covington, CEO of Chamelo. “At Chamelo, we are thrilled to lead the industry with groundbreaking technology, offering unmatched customization and versatility. Our Dusk™ lenses provide instant electronic tint adjustments, and our Prismatic™ lenses change color, allowing users to see clearly in different lighting and express themselves uniquely. With the addition of high-quality audio, our stylish, feature-packed sunglasses will make you never want to take them off.”

The eyewear line is priced between $199 and $385 and initially features three styles.

“Be different. See different. That’s our motto at Chamelo,” said Stephon Marbury, Chief Brand Officer of Chamelo. “I’m thrilled to be part of introducing a new wave of sunglasses that not only enhance style but also bring unprecedented innovation and functionality to the market.”

Chamelo’s three collections, including a frame designed by Marbury, will be available later this year.

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