“Smithereens,” A New Album Delivered By Joji

"Smithereens" A New Album Delivered By Joji

Joji wants to end the year on a successful note.

The long-awaited follow-up to his 2020 sophomore album Nectar, the YouTube comedian-turned-singer/Smithereens songwriter is released this week. Additionally, it includes the music video for “Die for You,” which was produced by Actual Objects and is “comprised entirely of stock footage,” according to a press release.

Joji gave fans a sneak peek at the album in June when he shared the song “Glimpse of Us” and its ambitious music video. Joji had an idea for a video that would be hand-held, shaky, where you’re following a group of kids and there’s plenty of fast cutting and destruction, director Dan Streit said in an interview about the chaotic outcome. I consequently discovered a nice, affordable camera that we could buy in bulk and deliver to interesting subjects. As a result, some of them were successful while others weren’t, although the concepts changed with time.

The 88Rising signee announced the video for the project’s second single, “Yukon (Interlude)” and confirmed the release date for Smithereens almost three months later.

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