Rich Nunu’s Perspective on Moving Beyond Street Life and Seeking Legitimate Opportunities.

Rich Nunu On Linking Up w/ DTHANG | Back & Forth w/ Kay Glizz | Humble Gz | Music & NY CLICKERS

In an interview with PPhilms, Rich Nunu discusses his recent musical endeavors, including a collaboration with Rowdy Rebel. He highlights his preference for working with artists he knows personally, due to past experiences where collaborations didn’t lead to music video shoots. Rich Nunu explains his connections with D Thang and other artists from various neighborhoods, noting that he met many of them during his time in jail.

Addressing misconceptions about conflicts between different groups, Rich Nunu clarifies that some of these issues stemmed from misunderstandings. He talks about his bond with B Lovee, mentioning that B Lovee once helped bail him out of jail.

Rich Nunu also discusses the impact of online trolling on real-life relationships, particularly mentioning his interactions with Humble Gz. He shares his views on the importance of education and personal growth, reflecting on his own graduation and encouraging others to pursue their goals regardless of age.

He remembers friends who have passed away, including Nay Bando, Gswervo, and Boomer, and talks about his relationships with each of them. Throughout the interview, Rich Nunu emphasizes the importance of moving beyond street life, seeking legitimate income opportunities, prioritizing real-life connections over social media interactions and much more.