Regarding Keri Hilson’s Latest Music Release: ‘I Think This Is The Year’

Regarding Keri Hilson's Latest Music Release: ‘I Think This Is The Year’

Since 2010’s No Boys Allowed, Keri Hilson hasn’t created a whole body of work; however, the singer/songwriter claims that this may finally change this year.

On Wednesday, February 1, Hilson spoke on the Behind the Mask podcast. She discussed her film career, her time on the Millennium Tour, and more. Hilson also hinted that her long-awaited third studio album would be released soon.

“I can say that [the new album] answers questions,” Hilson said. “I can say that I’m proud of it. And I can say that there were a couple of false starts. They were not all me! There were some like I don’t know fake PR or like fans would craft fake press releases and tweets.

“But there have been false starts and right before my dad died, that was definitely one that I was responsible for because that’s what I was planning to do and then that happened,” she continued. “But I feel like I’m closer now.”

The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer claimed she is confident “this is the year” will see the project’s release, though she did not provide a specific date.

“Lately, I’ve been wondering if I want to go back in and record some more,” she added. “I’ve been considering whether or not I want to freshen and liven it up a little bit. I’ve been inspired to write…”

Timbaland and Polow da Don executive produced No Boys Allowed, which included contributions from artists like Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Kanye West, J. Cole, Nelly, and Timbaland. With 102,000 copies sold during its first week, the album debuted and reached its highest position on the Billboard 200 at No. 11.

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