Redman Acknowledges That ‘Da Rockwilder’ Does Have An Extended Version

Redman Acknowledges That 'Da Rockwilder' Does Have An Extended Version

Redman has disclosed that the 1999 hit tune “Da Rockwilder,” which he and Method Man co-wrote, has an extended version.

Just Blaze and Katty Customs joined Redman on Fresh Pair, and after Blaze talked about how he first heard the song and wondered why the track stopped so abruptly in the final version when it was released, Redman addressed the speculations about the extended version.

Blaze claims that he eventually heard the extended version at a meeting, which made Redman appear pleased that the rumors had turned out to be accurate.

“First off, I want to thank you for clearing 20 to 25 years of history of debating like, was there a longer version of ‘Da Rockwilder’ and I told them it was,” Redman said.

The song “Da Rockwilder” was produced by Redman’s close buddy Dana “Rockwilder” Stinson and included on Method Man and Redman’s 1999 debut studio album Blackout! The song’s brief duration of two minutes and 17 seconds caught people’s attention and helped it become an immediate hip-hop classic.

Meth explained why the song was so brief in a 2011 interview with Complex. The Wu-Tang Clan member claimed that Red didn’t enjoy the production.

Red didn’t like the beat, which is why the song is so brief, according to Method Man. I was like, “Fuck that!” when I first heard it. I immediately wrote my verse, spit on it, and thought, “You know what? We’re going to name this thing Rockwilder in honor of you, my n-gga. I adore this beat to the extent that.

The beat was sought after by practically everyone, according to Tical, who also claimed it helped Rockwilder land projects with JAY-Z, Destiny’s Child, and other artists.

In an interview with HipHopDX in 2011, Redman backed Meth’s assertion and said the song should be shorter so that listeners will be left wanting more.

Red remarked at the time, “They don’t recall that we did two verses to ‘Da Rockwilder. “We attempted two verses, but the sound wasn’t right. I, therefore, said, “Let’s cut it short.” If it hadn’t been so brief, it wouldn’t have been as it was. encourages you to crave more.

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