Rappers, According To Bun B, Are “Balling In Debt” With Major Labels

Rappers, According To Bun B, Are "Balling In Debt" With Major Labels

Bun B has alleged that artists who sign major label deals “ball in debt,” and UGK is no different.

The Texas rap legend opened out about his interactions with major labels, including Sony, in an interview with B High ATL.

“So, UGK was signed before, we were right there, but we took an advance on the last two albums so we had to wait,” Bun B said. “Because we took the advance in ’07 I think, we have to wait seven years after we hit that. There was a seven-year period when we took money after 2000, so once we hit 2027, I believe our balance is clear.”

He continued: “UGK has never made one dollar in royalties from the selling of our music and we didn’t have our own publishing for about 17 years.”

Bun asserted that the math behind paying off UGK’s debt to Sony was still something he was studying, but he thought it wasn’t particularly tough to figure out if you had a good attorney.

“Because I think UGK is still at least two million dollars in the red with that label,” he said. “It’s built on a percentage. This thing is never built on how much money your art makes, it’s about how much money you make of what your art makes.

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