Questlove Celebrates The Addition Of “Jawn” To The Dictionary

Questlove Celebrates The Addition Of "Jawn" To The Dictionary

The word “Jawn,” which is from his native Philadelphia, is now acknowledged as an official word in the dictionary, which is a big occasion for Questlove.

On February 8th, The Roots’ famous drummer posted a celebratory message to his Instagram page. A video clip from a CBS 3 Philadelphia news segment discussing the word’s inclusion in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary was posted by Quest.

The TV hosts noted how Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania, and other organizations tweeted about the development. Quest stuck to a straightforward proclamation throughout the entire universe.

“Dear World: you are welcome. Of all the jawns in life? THIS one,” Questlove wrote in the caption of his post.

“Jawn” is classified as a Philadelphia all-purpose noun by Merriam-Webster. Although the entire city and state have adopted it, the term is primarily used in Philadelphia’s eastern neighborhood. The dictionary entry of the word “jawn” is only a small portion of the recent success Philadelphia has seen.

The Philadelphia Phillies won the 2022 World Series, the Philadelphia 76ers finished this season as one of the top three teams in the Eastern Conference after acquiring All-Star guard James Harden, and the Philadelphia Eagles football team is on its way to Super Bowl LVII this weekend to play the Kansas City Chiefs.

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