Prince Smooth Talks Creative Process and Genre-Bending Influences on HighStreet.

Prince Smooth Rates Us 10/10 | E191

In a recent interview on HighStreet with host Dallas, rapper Prince Smooth dished on his creative process and his unique approach to music.

The interview starts on a positive note, with Prince Smooth expressing his satisfaction with the studio session (it’s a 10 out of 10 for him!). He then delves into a past creative hurdle, describing a time when he struggled to find inspiring beats for his music.

Normally a sampler, Prince Smooth found himself lacking in inspiration from existing music. However, the tide eventually turned, and he found the perfect beat to spark a new song.

But Prince Smooth defies traditional rapper stereotypes. He views music as a form of therapy, a way to express his life experiences, both positive and negative.

When asked about his unexpected musical tastes, Prince Smooth admits to being a fan of a wide range of genres, including rock, pop, and even country! The episode also featured a freestyle he and Dallas recorded before the show, a bonus track from Alxne and a wide range of other topics!