Philadelphia’s Keys Were Awarded To Gillie Da Kid & Wallo

Philadelphia's Keys Were Awarded To Gillie Da Kid & Wallo

Philadelphia, the place where Gillie Da Kid and Wallo were born, has been given to them as a key.

The Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast hosts posted a picture with Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and Gillie’s wife Gene on their individual Instagram sites on Thursday (15 December) to acknowledge the honor.

“I just got one question,” a shocked Gillie jokingly said upon receiving the key from Councilman Johnson. “Do this come with front-row Eagles or Sixers tickets?”

The two have consistently used their positions to support and give back to their community because they are adamant about doing so.

On Thanksgiving Day, Wallo approached a Target in Philadelphia with the intention of letting 15 women shop ’til they dropped. He subsequently discovered that Target was closed because of the holiday, but that didn’t stop him. After posting, a few women began to arrive; however, he surprised them by giving them cash.

“Target is actually closed today, but obviously I’m still out here slapping it into their pockets like a rocket,” Wallo said in an Instagram post. “I’m tryna tell you, gentlemen – take ‘em to Target. They love Target.

”Wallo was really brought to tears during a Million Dollaz Worth of Game broadcast earlier this year when he pleaded with Lil Durk and the OTF family to put an end to the street fighting and any feuds they might be involved in.

I can think of 20 or 30 of my n-ggas who are dead, but I’m still here, Wallo stated. “I pardoned my brother’s murderer,” I mention that to let you know that, at the home where we were raised, my brother passed away in my grandma’s arms. When my grandmother opened the door, they shot my brother, who passed away in her arms.

If I hadn’t let that garbage go, Gillie and I wouldn’t be doing this, and I wouldn’t be here today for my nieces and nephews. You wouldn’t recognize me… That shit had to be released. I started to expand and glow once I let that shit go. It was challenging beyond belief.

In October, Gillie Da Kid and Wallo reportedly signed a $100 million deal with Barstool Sports for “Million Dollaz Worth of Game.”

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