Papoose Mentions The “Hardest” Verse He’s Ever Heard

Papoose Mentions The "Hardest" Verse He's Ever Heard

Papoose, who has been active in the rap scene for more than 20 years, has shared what he considers to be the “hardest” verse he has ever heard.

The New York City-born rapper participated in a debate with Joe Budden on the AMP platform, where he claimed that the 1995 song “Take Em To War” by Kool G Rap included the hardest set of bars he had ever encountered.

“[Kool] G Rap wrote the hardest verse I ever heard in my life to this day. It was on ‘Take Em to War.’ I never heard a harder verse in my entire life to this day,” Papoose told Joe.

“To this day, hardest verse every [and] I’ll argue anybody down. They can spit what they think is hard and I will spit that shit word-for-word.”

The Queens native’s debut album, 4,5,6, which was released by the Juice Crew legend through Cold Chillin’ Records in September 1995, featured the aggressive “Take Em to War” track. T-Ray is the producer of the incendiary song, which also includes production help from B-1 and Upper West Side resident MF Grimm.

The Hunger for More 2 by the former G-Unit rapper incorporates a song of the same name that Lloyd Banks actually released in 2010.

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