On The New Song “Maybach Curtains” DDG Uses His Real Voice

On The New Song “Maybach Curtains” DDG Uses His Real Voice

Check out the official music video for DDG’s new single “Maybach Curtains” below to see him continue to display his “true voice.”

The video, which was released on Wednesday (December 14), begins with DDG rapping the song’s chorus in the deep bass voice he demonstrated in an interview last month. The footage has been distorted to include scenes of DDG hanging out with a woman.

He bought her Gucci, I’m finna go buy her a Birkin/ Spoiling women and taking them shopping/ When I’m tripping I cut off a bitch and return it/ DDG popping these n-gas gon hear it when I drop it,” DDG raps in his “real voice.”

DDG - Maybach Curtains (Official Video)

After then, the song and video pick up speed and feature DDG using his rapping voice while bringing his wife out for the day. Before the film finishes, he takes her shopping for new clothes and to eat at the well-known restaurant Fogo De Chao. They are then on their way to end the night.

During an interview, DDG first made use of his “true voice.” Dope As Yola, the host of the pod, claimed that they had had an alarming number of messages from fans telling them to question DDG about his “true voice” before he arrived.

DDG acknowledged its authenticity before abruptly changing to a loud, booming baritone that astounded the hosts of the pod.

DDG eventually released a vlog titled “The Truth About DDG Real Voice” posted to his YouTube account where he explained why followers had gone all this time without knowing how he truly sounds. The internet couldn’t believe that DDG was telling the truth.

The deeper, more authentic voice, he continued, would produce more jokes than anything else because it is more relatable to fans.

“It’s just easier for me to grow as a musical artist, creator, and shit,” he said. “I just feel like if I use my deep voice, a lot of y’all wouldn’t take me seriously, and it’d be like, funny. I see a lot of people laughing about it and shit, and that’s just like, that’s why I don’t like really using it like that. A lot of muthafuckers take that shit like it’s a muthafuckin’ joke, but it’s just me like, opening up.”

The 12-track album It’s Not Me, It’s You, which includes Gunna, Polo G, NLE Choppa, Babyface Ray, and Kevin Gates, was released in September by the Pontiac, Michigan, native.

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