OCH Discusses Challenges, Achievements, and Future Plans on Inside The Maze.

Harvards Eye w/ OCH talk content, skits, Boston’s creative scene and more on TCB.

In this episode of Inside The Maze, Mz Mophilla interviews members of OCH, including Stoop Kid, Day Off Daddy, Harvard, and Guerrero. OCH, a Boston-based content creation group, has been collaborating for over 15 years. They discuss a past incident where Stoop Kid mistakenly referenced Rucker Park instead of a Boston park, sparking some online reactions.
The group delves into their origins, starting with skits and growing into a 13-member team known as Original Content Hustlers. They highlight the importance of networking, authenticity, and consistent effort in achieving success. OCH’s content aims to make people laugh and forget their problems, touching on various life experiences.
They tease upcoming projects, including a freestyle, while keeping most future plans under wraps. The group discusses potential collaborations, with Inside The Maze being a top contender.
Members offer advice to their 12-year-old selves, emphasizing perseverance, self-belief, and patience. They stress the importance of teamwork and prioritizing their people in all their endeavors.