Novelist Participates on “Peak,” a Protest Song by D&B Producer Rockwell

Novelist Participates on "Peak," a Protest Song by D&B Producer Rockwell

West Country-born D&B producer Rockwell has teamed up with Lewisham’s finest, Novelist, to tear the Tories a new one on his latest single “Peak,” which is motivated by the government’s corruption and the ever-worsening cost of living crisis.

The novelist’s defiant cry to arms has a lurching, meaty bass end and some rattling breakbeats as a backdrop. Before listing just a few of the Tories’ many flaws, the refrain “More bread, more dough, everybody’s gotta eat, time’s getting peak” resounds throughout the song.

The song “Peak” also features a clip from RMT’s Eddie Dempsey’s earlier this year appearance on The Jeremy Vine Show, where he used solid gold bars to remind the audience that we were “being mugged” and that “the people at the top, they’re having a disco.”

“With a couple of my more recent productions, I’ve been trying to strip things back, taking a more considered approach to adding elements, and ensuring that everything that makes the cut is integral to the track,” says Rockwell. “I struggle to articulate how much of an honor it is for me to collaborate with Novelist on ‘Peak’ and from the recording session we did, the bars mirrored the instrumental and came together in an effortless fashion.”

The song is taken from the recently released, four-track EP of the same name. Two instrumental tracks, “Vent” and “Belief Systems,” as well as another vocal track, this one featuring the Swiss singer LaMeduza, are also included on the EP.

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