New Album From A$AP Rocky Will Feature A “Big Metro Boomin Presence”

New Album From A$AP Rocky Will Feature A "Big Metro Boomin Presence"

A$AP Rocky has hinted that Metro Boomin will have a “strong presence” on his upcoming album.

In a recent interview with GQ, Rocky claimed that the Atlanta producer is so deeply involved in the project that it could almost be said to be a team effort, in keeping with the late A$AP Yams’ wishes.

“I’m gonna put it to you like this: This next album needs to be just called Flacko Boomin, you hear me?” he said. “Most artists wanna make [collabs just because they’re hot]. For us, it’s like, that’s really my n-gga.”

He added: “Yams linked me and Metro in 2012. This is before he’s working with a lot of people in Atlanta. He was still in college. A$AP Yams told me Metro was gonna be Metro. He was like, ‘This is the kid I’m telling you.’ So, Yams wanted this.”

A$AP Rocky also thought about the passing of Takeoff, a rapper from the Migos whom he had met through Metro Boomin. The two initially collaborated in 2022 on the song “Feel the Fiyaaah” from Metro’s Heroes & Villains album, and it sounds like there will be more to come.

“‘Unfortunate’ is not the right word,” Flacko said. “It’s heavy, bro. I’m not about to gas it like I knew Take very well. I’d met him throughout the years but I never got to work with him on a one-on-one basis until a few months ago. We lost somebody ill and I’m still not over what happened to him. And I’m really sorry for that loss. I can’t thank Metro enough for linking us.”

He continued: “Me and Take were there [in the studio], on different occasions, for [up to] 10 hours. It was crazy. He takes his time with his flows. And when it’s done, and he put that patent on it, it’s over. We got other shit, and it’s crazy. You gon hear it.”

A$AP In a separate interview with Complex, Rocky revealed further information about his new album, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Testing, and that it is just around the corner.

We’re currently wrapping up the album, he remarked. “Like I previously stated to everyone, the Rolling Loud concert served as my final onstage appearance before the album was completed. It’s about time we start releasing songs and preparing for the launch now. There is a lot in store, and I’m eager for it all.

“Without giving out too many surprises, it’s some cool shit in store. And it’s not a situation where they are going to have to wait long. It’s like ASAP, no pun intended.”

See “Feel the Fiyaaah” below.

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