Nems Selects 50 Cent As The “Funnest Rapper” Over Freddie Gibbs, Tyler, The Creator, And More

Nems Selects 50 Cent As The "Funnest Rapper" Over Freddie Gibbs Tyler The Creator And More

Fans eagerly anticipate 50 Cent’s reaction anytime a popular moment in hip-hop occurs because he never misses an opportunity to crack a few jokes at other people’s expense.

Nems, who calls himself the Mayor of Coney Island, joined Complex for a Brackets episode where he named 50 the funniest rapper in the game.

Nems endorsed 50 Cent over Freddie Gibbs and mentioned that Freddie Kane’s purported encounters with Jim Jones and Benny the Butcher cast doubt on his comedic abilities.

Nems said, “50, he makes fun of people, wins the argument, and then wins the battle. “Freddie Gibbs makes fun of people before supposedly getting attacked. He was beaten up by 20 guys against 1, and while I have nothing against his character, I feel that this is just an example of 50 being more militant in the movement.

“Gibbs is hilarious, his Instagrams are hilarious, and I just saw the L.A. Leakers freestyle where he says to Akademiks and even uses his platform rapping to be amusing,” someone once said. The one and only Curtis is the winner, I’m afraid.

Nems chose 50 earlier in the bracket selection process over DJ Khaled, Cam’ron, and Tyler, The Creator, while Gibbs advanced to the finals by defeating Action Bronson, T.I., and Doja Cat.

Nems, the creator of “Bing Bong,” is most known for his social media comments, such as his monthly Don’t You Ever Disrespect Me series, which has gone viral. Nems also has a music project called America’s Sweetheart that is expected to be released before the year is through.

He previously told HipHopDX that his work would speak for itself. “My primary identity is as an artist. The “Bing Bong” trash and humorous stuff is merely a means of reintroducing the music. There should be one dollar for each follower. And I don’t mean that in a negative manner; I release great music and high-quality merchandise. You’ll eventually be able to participate in what I’m doing. You gotta know how to finesse that.”

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