NAV And Metro Boomin Hint At New Collaborative Album.

NAV and Metro Boomin are relentless workers, always touring, recording, or planning their next project. Their hard work has paid off, as both have seen their popularity soar over the past decade. Metro, in particular, has become the most sought-after producer in hip-hop. Recently, NAV and Metro Boomin discussed their relentless recording process and hinted at the possibility of another collaborative album.

The conversation started with NAV asking Metro if he planned to take a break after recording two back-to-back albums with Future. Metro’s response was clear: he had no intention of slowing down. “Nah, [I’m ready to keep] going,” he said, explaining that as a producer, he doesn’t face the same burnout that artists do. Metro then delivered a key insight, noting the difference in working with Future versus NAV on an album that fans haven’t heard yet. “I could do an album with Future,” he stated, “and it’s not going to sound like my album with NAV.”

The discussion suggests that a new project might be on the horizon, especially since Metro Boomin mentioned he’s always working on something. NAV and Metro Boomin’s previous collaboration, the 2017 mixtape Perfect Timing, significantly boosted their profiles.

Additionally, there’s tension with Drake. Metro Boomin and NAV have been positioned against Drake in the recent hip-hop conflicts, with Metro taking the lead with “Like That” and NAV being indirectly mentioned in Drake’s “Family Matters” diss. Their shared disdain for Drake has seen them collaborate with like-minded artists, such as Metro with Kendrick Lamar and NAV with Pharrell Williams. This hypothetical album might even include more subtle shots at Drake.

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