Mom’s Spaghetti Pop-Up Will Help Eminem Celebrate “8 Mile” Anniversary

Mom's Spaghetti Pop-Up Will Help Eminem Celebrate "8 Mile" Anniversary

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the 8 Mile movie, Eminem plans to open his Mom’s Spaghetti concept restaurant in New York City. Fans will be able to reserve seats at the pop-up and buy food and personalized products from November 10 to November 20.

Mom’s Spaghetti will be sold in the Big Apple for the first time, according to a press statement. The event is taking place at Shopify’s New York location in SoHo, and the e-commerce firm is also supporting the pop-food up’s and retail sales.

“20 years later here we are serving spaghetti that came from a lyric I wrote for the movie,” expressed Eminem in a statement. “It started out as a joke but it’s become a reality and I’m really excited to be able to bring this concept from Detroit to NYC for the pop-up this month. B-Rabbit would be so proud!”

The well-known rapper, his manager Paul Rosenberg, and the Detroit-based Union Joints Restaurant Group joined together to launch Mom’s Spaghetti in 2017. Mom’s Spaghetti began as a pop-up at The Shelter, the storied Detroit club where Eminem used to perform and hang out early on. From there, it developed into activations at shows and events around the nation.

Spaghetti (of course), spaghetti with meatballs, or spaghetti with vegan “rabbit balls” are all options on Mom’s Spaghetti menu. The location is made to offer experiences that are motivated by the movie. At the conclusion of the adventure, a store with a wide variety of unique 8 Mile and Mom’s Spaghetti products will be open.

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