Metro Boomin Discusses Why Drake Was Removed From The Album “Heroes & Villains”

Metro Boomin Discusses Why Drake Was Removed From The Album "Heroes & Villains"

Metro Boomin has explained why his Heroes & Villains album omitted Drake’s recently discovered “Trance” verse.

Metro explained the 6 God heard the Travis Scott and Young Thug-assisted song during a studio session and was anxious to jump on it when he made an appearance on DJ Drama’s Streetz Is Watchin Radio.

Despite being open about his feelings with Drake, the Boominati beatmaker felt strongly that the song was finished to his taste. Nevertheless, the OVO leader continued to record to the beat in the hopes of being included.

Ultimately, Metro thought the song was strong enough without Drake, rejecting his inclusion in it. Few artists would have the guts to do this, let alone have the money to do it.

“Really, it was a song I had done with Travis and Thug, originally for my album,” Metro began. “I was in the studio with Drake one time because we were gonna do some stuff for my album. He just wanted to hear some songs from my album, and then he heard that one.

“He really wanted to get on it but I was letting him know that it was really just done for real. I was really just set on how it was. I was like, ‘Bro, I ain’t trying to sell you no dream. I’m locked in where it was.’ He had hit me and was just like, ‘Let me see if there’s anything you could add to it.’ He was like, ‘If you don’t like it, then whatever.’”

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