Meek Mill Releases “God Did” Freestyle Video

Meek Mill Releases "God Did" Freestyle Video

Meek Mill makes a comeback with a new freestyle performed over the first track from DJ Khaled’s 13th studio album God Did. This comes ahead of the release of his new mixtape Flamerz 5, which is anticipated to appear on a free mixtape site later.

The new freestyle video, which was directed by Benjamin Carter, combines shots of Meek hosting a sumptuous dinner and rapping from inside a helicopter with footage of the Philadelphia rapper performing at his gigs.

“They underrated me, never paid me, but them streets did/Who brought the billionaires to the hood? Gonna tell you Meek did/Who bringing real n***as home for good? Gonna tell you Meek did” Meek raps to open the track.

Meek recently indicated that fans shouldn’t anticipate the mixtape to be released on any major streaming platforms as he prepares to release Flamerz 5.

“When a label gave me a plaque I thought they was tryna trick me lol … show me the financials that my art made … that other shit a mental trick … give me a plaque with how much my song made and how much I got paid … I’m shying away from that whole system it’s not for us!” he wrote on Twitter.

He added, “I don’t want FLAMERZ 5 on no streaming service. This strictly underground music. Billboard can’t rate it. Just rate the music. I’d bet you a million I can make the UnitedStates/world play it with one upload button been doing it since MySpace lol.”

On Nov. 26, Meek will perform a special homecoming event at the Wells Fargo Center to mark the 10th anniversary of his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares. On, you may get tickets for the Meek Mill and Friends Dreams and Nightmares 10-Year Anniversary performance.

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