Maximizing Media Strategies: Insights from Joe Budden, ES$O & Hynaken.

Joe Budden: Stephen A. Smith CAN’T Do What Pat McAfee Does!!!

Joe Budden, ES$O & Hynaken sat down for a conversation about podcasting, content creation, and media strategies. Here’s a summary of the key points:

The discussion starts with whether smaller podcasts can successfully use Patreon, with Joe Budden advising to use both YouTube and Patreon. Joe views YouTube as a free commercial for his content and doesn’t focus much on its metrics.

There’s talk about the challenges of creating content for multiple platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) and the need to prioritize. They discuss how even less famous creators can build an audience on Patreon, citing examples of successful niche podcasts like true crime shows.

Joe mentions how some podcast concepts have been adapted into TV shows and streaming content. There’s a discussion about the difficulties of selling ads for content perceived as “nigga shit” or shock jock material, despite high viewership. The conversation shifts to Pat McAfee’s show on ESPN, noting how he uses strong language on air, which is unusual for the network.

They compare McAfee’s freedom to use profanity with the restrictions placed on other hosts, particularly noting racial double standards. They all admire McAfee’s authenticity and his ability to attract high-profile guests like Aaron Rodgers. The conversation concludes with a mention of how McAfee’s success might influence contract negotiations for other sports media personalities.