Master P Hosts A Christmas Toy Giveaway

Master P Hosts A Christmas Toy Giveaway

During an event at a nearby school, Master P resumed his long-standing habit of bringing holiday pleasure to kids in his homeland, New Orleans.

The No Limit Records founder uploaded two videos on Instagram on Wednesday (December 21) detailing his shopping trip, during which he bought hundreds of items, as well as the school assembly, during which Master P let students choose Christmas presents from his collection.

In A video, Master P additionally made an appearance to bless several parents who were shopping in the same store by covering the items their kids had chosen. The business and entertainment entrepreneur gave the assembled children a brief but inspiring speech while he was there.

“I love y’all, I want y’all to enjoy yourself for the holidays,” P said. “We got lots of toys for y’all. And we just want y’all to just have fun. Appreciate your teachers, Appreciate your parents. Appreciate your counselors, your principals, and the people that’s around you in your life that’s helping you. ‘Cause it’s so important. “None of you guys owe me anything, but if somebody makes it, keep coming and keep giving back.”

The children could be seen selecting among tables full with toys, footballs, basketballs, and a row of bicycles in another clip, which also featured shoutouts from members of the school’s teachers praising Master P for his ongoing support. Additionally, boxes of the recently rebranded Snoop Cereal were given to the children.

The caption posted with Master P’s second video revealed that he has been holding his Christmas giveaway for more than 20 years, just as he instructed the kids to do whenever they are in a position to do so.

P remarked, “I love seeing smiles on kids faces. “It’s the 24th year & I’m not stopping as long as I’m alive. It’s a blessing to be a blessing. #louisiana”

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