The king has returned against all odds. A 54-minute project with 24 songs and guest appearances by Future and Babyface Ray, “FLAWLESS LIKE ME” by rapper LUCKI, who has been active in the underground scene since 2015, is a present for fans. LUCKI has established a position in the mainstream rap debate as well as established himself as the king of the underground rap scene by releasing “FLAWLESS LIKE ME.” “WAKE UP LUCKI,” LUCKI’s most recent album, was a joint effort with producer F1lthy. LUCKI was able to bring a sound that has been popular in the underground since the album’s debut in 2021 to a wider audience using F1lthy’s electronic-style trap beats. Although “WAKE UP LUCKI” was a widely anticipated release, its performance fell short of expectations. It makes sense that “WAKEUP LUCKI” did not get much support from the public given that LUCKI’s carefree flow was missing from the whole effort.

The fans are happy to hear LUCKI’s sluggish manner of flow return in the opening song of “FLAWLESS LIKE ME,” however. With its soothing trap rhythm and slow-paced flow, “MADE MY DAY” not only draws in listeners but also enables them to analyze each and every phrase. The album’s pace is maintained in tracks like “GEEKED N BLESSED” and “BEEN A MINUTE.”

One of the two collaborations on this album, “KAPITOL DENIM, “features Future, a well-known rap artist. The song, a fan favorite and one that is gripping and interesting, provides listeners with a taste of what continuous collaborations with top-tier rappers might sound like.LUCKI’s flow, which is more of a melodic flow throughout the song, is comparable to that of rapper Roddy Ricch.On “KAPITOL DENIM,” LUCKI appears to be lecturing the audience rather than communicating with them in a detailed, instructive manner.

On the other track of the album, LUCKI gives fans a collaboration they didn’t know they needed. On “WHITE HOUSE,” LUCKIteams up with an up-and-coming rapper and one of this year’s XXL freshman Babyface Ray. The track has a trap rhythm inspired by Detroit. A smooth lyrical flow and crisp, bass-boosted rhythms are major influences on this Detroit sound. LUCKI’s experimental beat selection on “FLAWLESS LIKE ME” may be considered a success gave that “WHITE HOUSE” is one of the most streamed tracks.

It almost seems as if LUCKI adopted the persona of a Detroit-style rapper to record this song in the studio, apart from the rhythm. From the tempo to the words, everything about this song is evocative of the Motor City. It wouldn’t be absurd to anticipate LUCKI to work with Detroit-style musicians like BabyTron and Tee Grizzley given how successful this choice of style was.

The tenth track on the album, “DNA,” was previewed by LUCKIfans months before the album’s official release. A year ago, the chorus of “DNA” was leaked and made available on SoundCloud and Youtube. It is now all too familiar. Fans hear LUCKI’s slow flow once again, but this time the rhythm is a morning sunlight beat rather than a dark electronic sound. Although the music first makes the listener feel upbeat, the grim message of LUCKI’swords rapidly overshadows that feeling

Despite having 24 tracks, “FLAWLESS LIKE ME” manages to appear rushed and underwhelming, which is what makes it a hit and timeless album. LUCKI figured out how to balance supply and demand. LUCKI was able to provide eager listeners with 24 songs, each of which had its own rhythm, style, and flow. However, despite the lengthy track list, the album’s sudden conclusion leaves listeners and fans with the impression that they want and need more.

Even though “FLAWLESS LIKE ME” leaves listeners with a sense of unfinishedness, the album not only met those expectations but also served as a reminder to those who had begun to question LUCKI’s constancy that he is more than just a rapper.

With the release of “FLAWLESS LIKE ME,” LUCKI provides listeners with yet another argument in favor of dropping the label”underground” from the description of certain rappers.

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