Logic’s Highly Anticipated ‘Ultra 85’ Set for August Release, Concluding Long-Running Storyline.

Maryland rapper Logic is gearing up to release his much-anticipated album Ultra 85, set to drop on August 9th with 20 tracks, according to the NFR Podcast’s X account. Over the past five months, Logic has teased the album three times, releasing singles like “Fear,” “44ever,” and most recently, “Deja Vu.” Despite Genius speculating that this might be Logic’s final album, fans remember that after his 2020 album No Pressure, he continued to release several mixtapes and singles, leaving his future plans uncertain.

The existence of Ultra 85 has been in question for years, with some fans claiming they have awaited its release since the mid-2010s. Given Logic’s unpredictable nature, it’s no surprise the album has taken so long to materialize. If Ultra 85 is indeed his farewell to fans, it is hoped to be one of his best works. The album is also expected to conclude the storyline from his 2017 album Everybody, which followed Atom’s journey after a car crash, where he is reincarnated by God, portrayed by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Each song offered different perspectives of Atom’s experiences, mirroring Logic’s own experiences of being biracial, a theme that has polarized listeners over the years but kept them returning to his music. Many are expected to do the same for Ultra 85.

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