Lebron James Is Called By Ab-Soul To A&R His Next Album

Lebron James Is Called By Ab-Soul To A&R His Next Album

Ab-Soul has recruited LeBron James to A&R his next album, just over a month after the release of Herbert.

On January 25, the TDE rapper posted a video of himself and LeBron conversing in the locker room at the Crypto.com Arena, where the four-time NBA champion had just helped the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the San Antonio Spurs 113-104.

Ab-Soul asked King James during their meeting whether he would be open to serving as an executive for his upcoming project, and the basketball icon agreed.

Without any doubt, LeBron said, “Yeah, I can do it.”

Ab-Soul also talked about how early in their careers, Kendrick Lamar and he shot music videos for Calmatic, the director of the recently released House Party revival starring LeBron.

LeBron expressed amazement at the information before praising Soul’s new album and giving him his used game jersey.

“You really have the right of passage,” Soulo said. “Top [Dawg] told me to ask you if you would A&R the next album.”


Just days after its release in December, LeBron James praised Ab-Soul’s  HERBERT on Twitter.

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