“Lean Into It”: Budden Talks Podcasting Profitability, Building a Business and Flip’s absence.

What REALLY Happened With “QUEENZ FLIP⁉️” | Joe Budden Addresses That & MORE‼️

In an interview on the ‘BagFuel’, Joe Budden discusses his podcast (The Joe Budden Podcast or JBP) and his approach to content creation with hosts, ES$O & Hynaken. He discussed adding new people to the podcast, including women, to “spice it up” and provide diverse voices.

He emphasizes the importance of chemistry among podcast members and the process of finding compatible personalities. The podcast team works extensively, with Joe viewing it as his passion and the best job he’s ever had. Joe talks about the profitability of podcasting as a genre and the importance of leaning into it.

There’s mention of a rotating cast of podcast members and the chemistry tests involved in assembling the team. Joe discusses his hands-off approach to certain aspects of the podcast, such as the relationship between his manager (Ian Schwartzman) and podcast member Flip. They discuss how various elements of the podcast, including personal stories or absences, can become their own marketing and promotion tools.

Joe reflects on applying lessons learned from his music career to podcasting, particularly in terms of self-promotion and building an audience. ES$O mentioned watching Joe’s interview on Rap Radar, praising it for containing valuable insights about building a career in media. There’s an emphasis on how experience in the music industry informs their approach to podcasting and interviewing.