Lala Anthony Praises Lil Baby For Volunteering On His Album’s Release Day

Lala Anthony Praises Lil Baby For Volunteering On His Album's Release Day

Lil Baby has received accolades from LaLa Anthony for helping out at her Riker’s Island jail reform organization on the same day that he launched his most recent album, It’s Only Me.

This week, on the day Atlanta rap sensation It’s Only Me was released, LaLa took a moment to thank him for his charitable work while paying a visit to The Jason Lee Show with her BMF co-star Da’Vinchi. LaLa claims that Baby visited Riker’s Island in order to address the kids who take part in her jail rehabilitation initiative.

“I wanna say something about Lil Baby,” Anthony said. “I have a prison reform group, and he came, and he talked to the kids at Rikers Island in my prison reform group. The day his album dropped. I thought that was so special that he did that the day his album dropped.”

While Jason Lee, said he admires Lil Baby for all he does for the community despite not being a huge fan of the new generation of rap, added that the rapper loves to give back.

The good deeds of Lil Baby have not gone ignored. He received his own holiday in November 2022, and as of that point, November 13 will be known as Dominique “Lil Baby” Jones Day. The Atlanta City Council presented a proclamation to the hitmaker, 27, during a special event.

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