Kevin Durant Is Honored As The “Best Basketball Player In The World” By Cam’ron During Apollo Concert 

Kevin Durant Is Honored As The "Best Basketball Player In The World" By Cam'ron During Apollo Concert 

During a concert at the Apollo Theater over the weekend, Cam’ron named Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant the best basketball player in the world.

Killa Cam and KD were seen holding hands before the event on Saturday night (January 28) and posing for a few brief pictures backstage. The Dipset leader shouted out the two-time NBA champion and made a rather strong statement about his basketball abilities during the concert while performing alongside Jadakiss and Mase.

The finest basketball player in the world, in Cam’s opinion, is Kevin Durant, and the rapper won’t accept any disagreements.

“Shoutout to my n-gga Kevin Durant in the spot man, we going to shout out KD,” Cam said. “We got the best player in the world in the building tonight, nigga; let’s be clear on that. The best in the world fuck is you talking about.”

Cam’ron and the renowned NBA scorer have a close bond. Cam posts some of the two’s hangouts on social media whenever they have a chance to do so. The rapper gave KD an iced-out Diplomats chain in 2021 that had the fabled Dipset eagle insignia covered in diamonds.

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