Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ Sparks LA Library’s Owl Puppet Retirement.

According to the disclaimer at the beginning of “Not Like Us,” no Ovohoes were injured during the production of the music video. However, Kendrick Lamar’s aggressive treatment of an owl piñata (representing Drake) has led others to conceal anything resembling the bird.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Public Library announced the retirement of its beloved owl puppet used in children’s programs. A TikTok post asked, “Should we retire our owl puppet?” Whether for the plushie’s safety or as a gesture of allegiance to local star Kendrick, the public responded humorously in the comments.

One user quipped, “Looks like the library was the last safe haven.” Another joked, “Drake just canceled his library card.” Yet another comment referenced lyrics: “The library said, ‘You think the Bay gon let you disrespect Pac, brother.'”

Commenters suggested community service for the owl or using it in a Halloween display to redeem it. For now, Drake and his OVO Sound label face an enduring challenge as their logo’s reputation takes a hit, likely deterring fans from sporting bird-related imagery anytime soon.

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