Kanye West’s Instagram Account Has Once Again Been Blocked, According to Meta

Kanye West's Instagram Account Has Once Again Been Blocked According to Meta

The Instagram account of the performer formerly known as Kanye West has been suspended for a month.

The restriction was verified by a representative of Instagram’s parent company, Meta, in a statement to Complex on Monday. Although specific posts were not mentioned in the statement, the representative did mention that IG had “removed content” from Ye because it had been found to have violated the platform’s rules.

A Meta representative sent an email to Complex stating, “We deleted stuff from @kanyewest for breaking our regulations and set a restriction on the account.” We may impose limits on accounts that persistently violate our rules, such as temporarily banning them from posting, leaving comments, or sending direct messages.

In a post uploaded to Parler, the right-wing social media site he recently disclosed buying (Candace Owens’ husband George Farmer is the CEO of Parlement Technologies), Ye appears to have addressed the 30-day restriction.

Ye’s Instagram account has previously had access restrictions. He was subject to similar restrictions on both IG and Twitter earlier this month during his (presumably continuous) string of statements that were widely denounced and banned as anti-Semitic. Although Ye has issued numerous apologies for the series of comments deemed to be anti-Semitic, they have frequently been accompanied by repetitions of the same vocabulary for which he has come under fire.

Regarding the frequently criticized narrowness of Parler’s reach, Fortune recently reported that statistics from the Data.ai service revealed that the ostensibly conservative platform had only had an average of 725,000 monthly active users in the U.S. during the first half of 2022. In contrast, in the first half of 2021, that number was above five million. Notably, Parler was frequently mentioned in connection with the tragic Capitol riot during that time.

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