Jon Aba on Black Media & Black Talent: Collaboration, Not Conflict, is Key.

Katt Williams Warning To Shannon Sharpe Comes True, Black Celebs Boycott Sharpe - CH News

In a commentary video on Comedy Hype News, Jon Abba addressed issues in black media and entertainment. Aba questions whether black reporters should be restricted from interviewing or critiquing black talents.

He discusses Shannon Sharpe’s interview with Katt Williams, which became the most-viewed podcast interview on YouTube. Sharpe revealed that after the Katt Williams interview, it became harder to book guests for his show. Some industry peers, including Steve Harvey and D.L. Hughley, criticized Sharpe for the interview. Aba compares the situation to his own experience interviewing Earthquake’s ex-wife, emphasizing the importance of allowing both sides to share their perspectives.

He criticizes black entertainers who take reporting personally, arguing that media platforms are simply doing their job. Aba points out the hypocrisy of boycotting black media while still appearing on mainstream platforms like CNN.

He stresses the importance of collaboration between black talent and black media for mutual growth. Aba concludes by inviting D.L. Hughley to share his perspective on their platform, emphasizing the need for open dialogue.

The commentary overall advocates for a more understanding relationship between black media and black entertainers, emphasizing the importance of supporting each other while maintaining journalistic integrity.