JBP Drama Resolved? Joe & Flip Hash Out Podcast Conflict.

Queenzflip Exposes Why Joe Budden SUSPENDED Him

In this episode of the JBP, the crew held a conversation primarily involving Joe Budden and Flip. The conversation centers around a conflict that occurred between them, leading to Flip’s temporary absence from their show. Here’s a summary of the main points:

There was an argument between Joe and Flip during a podcast recording, lasting about 40 minutes.  After the argument, Flip was asked to take some time off, which he initially believed was unpaid leave. The situation led to miscommunication and tension between Joe and Flip, with Flip producing a lot of content during his time away.

There’s mention of a “hateful Joe Avengers” group forming online, criticizing Joe. The transcript includes a segment about Rory (likely a former co-host) speaking positively about Flip in an online space. Joe addresses rumors about why Flip is on the show, denying that it’s due to a favor owed to others.

The conversation touches on how other people in the industry talk about their conflicts, with Joe expressing frustration about constant criticism. There’s a discussion about not wanting to engage in conflicts with strangers on behalf of friends. Joe denies ever disrespecting Combat Jack, describing him as a legend and inspiration. The conversation ends with reflections on how some people Joe has supported in the past are now attacking him.