Jack Harlow Goes All Out In The First “White Men Can’t Jump” Reboot Trailer

Jack Harlow Goes All Out In The First "White Men Can't Jump" Reboot Trailer

The upcoming White Men Can’t Jump reboot’s first trailer has Jack Harlow in a prominent role, showing off some of his basketball skills.

The 20th Century Studios movie’s trailer, which debuted on Sunday (February 5), will air on Hulu on May 19 and gives viewers their first glimpse at Harlow and co-star Sinqua Walls in costume.

The brief 30-second teaser doesn’t disclose much, but it appears that the movie, which was directed by Calmatic, will follow the same plot as the original 1992 movie about two basketball hustlers who band up to earn some extra money.

Although the identity of Harlow’s character is unknown, it appears that she will play a figure with a similar role to Woody Harrelson’s Billy Hoyle from the original.

Walls portrays Kamal Allen, a new character who is probably an updated version of Sidney Dean, the obnoxious guard played by Wesley Snipes in the original movie.

The White Men Can’t Jump trailer can be seen below.

Three-time Oscar nominee Harrelson gave Harlow his blessing and said he believes the revival will be superior to the original during an interview with Yahoo last summer.

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