Inside the UK and US Sex Culture with Special Guest Zeze Millz.

POUR MINDS Episode 295: Tea & Crumpets FT. Zeze Millz

In today’s episode, Lex P and Drea Nicole sit down with the remarkable Zeze Millz for an engaging conversation. They discussed her work in the UK, shared some surprising pop-up stories, and delved into the difference between confidence and cockiness, as well as the differences in sexual culture between the UK and the US.

Zeze, Lex P & Drea Nicole also explored the role of reality TV as a form of relaxation, noting that even intelligent individuals may enjoy it as a way to unwind with mindless entertainment.

Zeze Millz opened up about her experience on Big Brother, explaining that she participated to reveal a different side of herself, countering her harsh and stern public persona. She also shares the challenges of watching herself on the show. Additionally, the hosts suggest using a pros and cons list to navigate breakups and much more.