In The Surreal “Precious Things” Video Lupe Fiasco Explores Fan Conspiracy Theories

In The Surreal "Precious Things" Video Lupe Fiasco Explores Fan Conspiracy Theories

Watch Lupe Fiasco’s latest music video for “Precious Things” below to see how far he delves into conspiracy theories.

Lupe fervently searches the internet as the song plays in the background, attempting to decipher some of the fan theories that have been circulated about him over the years, including those pertaining to his peculiar hand movements, his connection to Islam, and Kuwait.

After giving his tune “Autoboto” the visual treatment last summer, Lupe Fiasco of Chicago has released another bizarre music video from his eighth studio album, Drill Music in Zion.

While his dense rhymes have long been the subject of fan speculations, Lupe was recently named an MLK Visiting Professor at MIT. In his first lecture for “Rap Theory & Practice,” he showed eager Hip Hop heads how to write their own challenging songs.

He was appointed to the university together with documentary filmmaker Louis Massiah and associate professor of theater Eunice Ferreira, all of whom were recognized as experts in the arts and humanities.

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