In The Stunning “It Be Like That” Video, Ab-Soul Seeks A Peaceful Retreat

In The Stunning "It Be Like That" Video, Ab-Soul Seeks A Peaceful Retreat

Ab-Soul recently released a magnificent new music video for “It Be Like That” that beautifully depicts his struggle with despair and longing for a tranquil haven.

The opening scene of SiR’s music video, which Soulo himself filmed, shows a car pulling into a parking lot on a desert road. The video then alternates between shots of Ab-Soul sitting next to a parked automobile and inside a barren room as he raps on accepting the unfair cards that life has handed him.

“My sun don’t shine no more/ My light ain’t lime no more (Ain’t lime no more)/ My kite don’t fly no more/ My woman ain’t mine no more (Ain’t mine no more)/ My words don’t rhyme no more/ My life ain’t live no more (Live no more)/ My heights ain’t high, they low/ I ain’t got time no more,” Ab-Soul raps.

The setting in the video then changes to show the TDE rapper perched atop a trailer as old videos of him performing are shown on other trailers in front of him. Then, while he raps about things getting better in his life, Ab-Soul brings the audience to a deserted beach where he watches the sunrise.

The rapper from TDE returns to the studio at the end of the video and works there while also appearing in scenes where he meets Diddy and Charlamagne. God, hanging out at a New York City bodega, and more.

Below, you can see SiR’s “It Be Like That” music video.

Ab-Soul - IT BE LIKE THAT ft. SiR (Official Video)
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