In The $325,000 Maybach He Just Bought, Logic Records’ New Song, “Maybach Music”

In The $325,000 Maybach He Just Bought, Logic Records' New Song, "Maybach Music"

Logic has released a new song titled “Maybach Music” that was recorded inside a $325,000 Maybach.

The single features the DMV writer gracefully spewing braggadocious rhymes over a throbbing soul loop from longtime producer 6ix. It has the same name and same tag as Rick Ross’ trademark song series.

“I grew up 515 miles from Seven Mile / But this beat got me feelin’ slummy, dummy, ayo / I never passed 10th grade but I still get the rent paid / You fake, I be real [B-Real] like Cypress Hill, word to Muggs,” he raps.

“I bought a Maybach and recorded a song about it,” Logic tweeted on Monday (January 23), while sharing the song’s accompanying video, which shows him laying down his vocals while sitting passenger side in his luxurious new vehicle.

Logic’s most recent release, “Maybach Music,” comes as he prepares to release College Park on February 24

Urban Outfitters unveiled a special “varsity green vinyl” of the Grammy-nominated rapper’s next album to coincide with the release of the previous song “Wake Up” last week; all 500 copies of it sold out in less than 60 seconds.

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